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Surgeries in hospitals

We are constantly working to expand the skills and capabilities of our local partners, working towards cleft centers that offer the full spectrum of cleft care, from the basic surgeries to, ultimately, interdisciplinary treatment including orthdontic treatment, speech therapy, and others. At the Mbarara university clinic in Uganda this effort has progressed the furthest in the Cleft Africa region. It has been autonomously treating cleft patients since 2012 now, and the team  supports surgical missions to Burundi and Tanzania. Another fixed location is the Rwamagna Provincial Hospital in Rwanda, where our partner surgeon Dr. Laurent Siborurema operates.

Other hospitals in the East Africa region periodically offering cleft treatment with visiting personnel from Mbarara, Germany, and Rwanda include the Rulenge Hospital in Tanzania and the Centre Medical Hippocrate in Bujumbura, Burundi. Our work to expand our pool of local nurses and doctors with the specialized skills necessary for cleft treatment in order to offer treatment at more locations and to more patients continues.