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Dr Dr Oliver Blume and Gunther Au-Balbach

Dr Dr Oliver Blume (left) practices as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Munich. Gunther Au-Balbach (right) practices as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Solingen. For Cleft Africa they perform surgeries during regular surgical missions, pass on their experience to local African doctors and serve as volunteer medical project managers and consultants. In the past 15 years, they have contributed immeasurable time and passion to the Cleft Africa project.

Dr Laurent Siborurema

Dr. Laurent Siborurema (right), of the University hospital Kigali, has been our partner since 2011. He is an excellent surgeon and has received specialized training in the treatment of cleft from Cleft Africa medical consultants Dr Dr Oliver Blume and Gunther Au-Balbach as well as in DCKH's excellent Indian cleft centers. Since 2013 he has been treating cleft patients autonomously in Rwanda, as well as, in cooperation with Cleft Africa's experienced anaesthesist Dr. Emmanuel Munyarugero (Uganda) on surgical missions in West-Tansania. He is helping our efforts to establish additional permanent treatment facilities for cleft patients in the region.

Dr Deus Twesigye

Dr Deus Twesigye (center), of the University Hospital Mbarara (Uganda), is a pillar of Cleft Africa's efforts to develop permanent cleft treatment capabilities in the region. An experienced surgeon, Dr Twesigye received additional specialized surgical training in one of DCKH's cleft centers in India, financed by DCKH. He now takes part in the ongoing cleft treatments at Mbarara as well as on Cleft Africa's multinational surgical missions.

Dr Emmanuel Munyarugero

Surgical treatment of cleft children requires a skilled anaesthetist. The little patients are often in poor health, and anaesthesia can be life-threatening for them. Dr Emmanuel Munyarugero (left) of the Mbarara university hospital makes safe surgeries possible. He is part of the ongoing cleft treatment at Mbarara and also participates in surgical missions throughout the region.