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Information and counselling

Caring for a cleft child can be difficult for parents. Even feeding the child is often difficult if the clefts in the lip or palate are large. This can mean that the child cannot eat enough to grow properly. Family and older cleft children are often left ashamed and traumatized by the reactions of their extended families and community, who often wrongly think that the cleft is the the parents' fault. Some children make fun of or refuse to play with cleft children, leaving them sad and hurt. Once they have learned that cleft can be treated very well, many poor families do not know how exactly this is done and do not know what to expect of the process, leaving them worried and afraid.

All these and many other issues can be helped by information and counselling. Our experts offer information that helps with all aspects of managing cleft. They show special feeding techniques that can help a cleft child gain enough weight for surgery to be possible, and explain how a cleft is formed and that the parents are not to blame for it, and how exactly cleft treatment works and how to avoid or deal with any of the problems that can arise.

Cleft treatment is often a multiyear process, in the most severe cases starting with getting the child healthy enough to operate on, continuing through the repair operations for lip and palate, and ending only when the child has reached adulthood. Our representatives guide the patients and their families through the entire process, helping with any needed information and working to ease problems and worries arising from the condition or the treatment.

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